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1- 'Guest' includes any person staying along with the guest. ‘Stay’ includes all supplies and facilities availed by the Guest during his/her stay at this Hotel and/or any person, who stays/avails any of the facilities at this Hotel.

2- The Guest shall furnish additional particulars to this Hotel as required under the applicable laws w.r.t. the Indian or non-Indian citizens, as the case may be, on request by this Hotel.

3- The Guest shall strictly follow the House Rules and is expected to familiarise himself/ herself with the House Rules. The Guest shall also strictly follow all respective rules/ terms/ instructions relating to stay/ consumption of food and beverages/ use of facilities in this Hotel.

4- Parents or Guardians must ensure that minors are accompanied and taken care of at all times.

5- The Guest shall use reasonable care and precaution in accessing any part or using the facilities at this Hotel and while interacting with other guests and strangers. At all times during the Stay, the Guest shall securely keep with himself/herself the room key, use safe/locker for keeping their property/valuables, securely lock their room and windows using all the locking features available in the room. This Hotel or its owner/operator shall not be liable for any loss of the Guest’s property/ valuables.

6- Single or double room charges as applicable based on one or two persons staying in a room shall be payable by the Guest. Additional charges will be levied for any additional person occupying a room.

7- Guest grants the consent for processing the Guest data for enhancement of the service experience. The Guest also consents to receiving promotional e-mails which may be sent to the Guest by the owner/operator of this Hotel. The Guest may however, opt to not receive such e-mails by exercising the unsubscribe option in such e-mails.

8- The Guest shall pay all charges/bills for Stay, consumption of food and beverages, other facilities availed by the Guest or any person visiting the Guest and amounts towards taxes, duties, cesses, etc., in a mode acceptable to this Hotel. Payment by cheque drawn on any individual(s)’ bank account shall not accepted. The Guest shall be jointly and severally liable to pay the aforesaid charges/bills along with the Company/ organisation he/she is representing to be employed at or associated with.

9- The Guest shall be liable to compensate the owner/operator of this Hotel for any damage caused by the Guest and/ or any person visiting the Guest to the room and or any other area in this Hotel. The Guest shall pay to this Hotel deep cleaning fee if evidence of smoking is found in the non-smoking room of Guest’s stay.

10- Without prejudice to its other remedies the owner/ operator of this Hotel shall have a lien on goods or properties of the Guest for unpaid dues.

11- The Guest undertakes to hold harmless and indemnify this Hotel or its operator or their employees/staff/officer against any claim / action / proceedings arising due to any act or omission of the Guest and of person visiting the Guest.

12- This Hotel and /or various areas in or appurtenant to this Hotel are not public places. Right of admission /use is reserved by the owner/operator of this Hotel.

13- This Hotel/ its owner/operator can ask the Guest to leave this Hotel for breach of any House Rules or causing nuisance, disruption, illegal activities, non-payment of bills, overstaying, disorderly conduct or on account of the Guest having contagious or severe illness or this Hotel becoming aware of incapacity or bad reputation of the Guest. This Hotel may also report the aforesaid incidents to the Police without prejudice to its any other remedy.

14- The owner/operator of this Hotel shall not be liable for any loss, damage, claim, action arising out of reason(s) beyond their control including without limitation for fires, natural disaster, acts of God, act of terrorism, war or external aggression.

15- The owner or operator of this Hotel shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, exemplary, consequential or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with the Stay of the Guest, including without limitation, loss of profit or revenue. The liability of this Hotel or its owner/operator arising out of Stay of the Guest including without limitation, for any personal injury, loss or damage, in any event shall be limited to a sum not exceeding the amount paid by the Guest to this Hotel on account of his/her Stay.

16- All disputes, whether arising out of, or incidental to Stay at this Hotel, directly or indirectly, or through any relative/ representative/ Franchisor/ agent etc., shall be a subject matter of dispute between the Guest and this Hotel/ its operator/ owner only and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the city where this Hotel is situated and shall be subject to the governing laws of India.